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Meet Marissa

I’ll never forget the first yoga class I taught. It was at the yoga studio I trained with in New York City, in the East Village. The room had beautiful wood floors and exposed brick walls, with the front of the room covered in ceiling high windows welcoming the morning light in. By the end of the class, feeling my heart and soul so lit up, I walked around the corner to a coffee shop and ordered my first set of business cards online.


As soon as I started teaching yoga, I knew it was my passion and purpose in life. This practice has changed my life in so many ways, and in those transformative moments I’ve become more aware of myself and what I need. In the 11+ years I’ve been stepping onto my mat, my yoga journey has moved through the changes of my life. From the early years of high school to graduating college, from traveling internationally to being in lockdown during 2020, these moments wouldn’t be what they were if I didn’t have my practice to come back to. As I guide my clients through this work and teach them the power in showing up for yourself, they discover the endless benefits yoga can bring to life off the mat.


Whether I’m teaching a private session or a group of 30, I give every student my undivided attention during class. I pay close attention to each person and see where their bodies are in space, giving verbal cues to guide them into a deeper place. Each individual will have a different depth. I teach by giving every student autonomy over their body. In every class I teach I say, “Listen to your body,” “Take what feels good for you,” “What do you need right now?” So often we fall into cycles of doing and never check in with our why. But in the space on your mat, you have the opportunity to not only discover your why, but let it drive you into what’s next.


I’m here to guide you into what’s next. Book your first FREE call with me to discover which of my services is right for you. I can’t wait to lead you through and witness your growth on the journey ahead.

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