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Breathe Easy

Marissa loves yoga so much, she’s made it her full-time job. She has been practicing yoga since she was in high school, but after going to college and traveling, she started to take her yoga routine more seriously.

Through her teacher training in Manhattan, NY, she created a consistent practice that’s carried her

through many life-changing events and has

helped keep her grounded.

marissa she breathes easy yoga teacher charleston south carolina

After taking her teacher training in February 2019, she’s made it her mission to help others create their own personal yoga practice to better their minds, bodies, and overall health.

Why Virtual Yoga?

When the pandemic hit in 2020, Marissa cancelled her plans to travel the US and stayed put in Nashville, TN with her older sister. This is where her weekly Zoom classes were created, giving her friends and family a chance to do yoga in a time where you needed to put your mental and physical health first. These Zoom classes transformed Marissa’s teaching style, grew her capacity to hold space for others, and created a community known as She Breathes Easy.

yoga warrior two pose private classes charleston south carolina

Accessible Yoga For All

She Breathes Easy provides

accessible yoga to all.


Our goal is to make yoga accessible for every human being. Marissa has witnessed how powerful this practice can be and believes everyone deserves the chance to create their own - for their own body. She’s so grateful to have you here and help you connect with easy breath.

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