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November is Here

Happy November, friend! I love the beginning of the month because it's an opportunity to check-in.

November is a special month, personally one of my favorites. We’re coming into the holiday season, leaving spooky season behind and entering a time of holiday songs and cold weather. With this transition into a more busy, sometimes chaotic season, getting lost in the motions is so easy.

I’ve been more mindful of this in the last week or so, welcoming in extra time in my mornings to sit with myself. I heat up water for tea, find a comfortable spot to sit, and have my journal within arm's reach.

Some mornings I meditate, other mornings I write through big decisions or reflect on small moments, but regardless of what I do - my mind is becoming more aware of what’s happening inside of it. This is what I call a check-in.

Are you carving out time in your day to check in with yourself? Even if it’s just 5-10 minutes in the morning, middle of the day, or before bed. As we settle into this new month, here are some prompts to get you focused on what you might need in the month ahead.

  • What is working in your life right now?

  • What’s been hard over the past month?

  • What are some highlights from October that make you smile?

  • What’s something you learned from that you’d like to continue seeing improvement in?

A big thing that came up here for me was patience. This past month was filled with lessons of patience, teaching me to take my time with things that I wanted right away. A lot of things I didn’t want to wait for, but I had no choice.

I’ve always liked to stay busy, jumping from one thing to the next. In true Capricorn fashion, I love to make goals and create a plan to get there. But over the past month, many obstacles got in the way of the plan I set out for.

I was challenged by a lot that made me have to stop and sit with myself.

I stopped to think about a new job that’s been taking longer to land where I thought I’d be.

I thought about how Argentina was meant to be a refueling trip but it left me feeling tired and drained.

I noticed in the time I spent alone with myself, I automatically shifted into work mode rather than finding intentional rest in my solitude.

All of these moments in life wouldn’t have mattered if I never sat with myself and took note of them.

One of my newest podcast hosts I’ve been listening to said something that stuck with me in the past few days. Jules Acree, on the podcast Slow Brew Sunday, said

“There is power in taking a pause”

How powerful is that?

Imagine how much more we’d learn about ourselves if we took a moment to pause and sit with our decisions, our actions, our plans!

If I never took the time to notice these things, they would likely repeat themselves - leaving me and the close people in my life feeling frustrated and upset.

As we shift into this new month, and in a couple of months it’ll be a new year, can you begin to think about what you want to welcome into your life? Can you start to imagine what goals you want to set for the rest of this year?

What do you need to let go of?

What do you need to work on?

What can you dive deeper into?

If you need help carving out time for yourself, schedule your first call with me and see if 1:1 yoga sessions are right for you. The time I take on my yoga mat has been a space for groundbreaking realizations.

I’d love to support you as you become the best, fullest version of yourself.

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You hit on all my feelings. I wish I had this wisdom many years ago! Pausing brings me back to being grounded. Thank you for sharing and embracing awareness. ❤️

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