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Unlocking New Year Goals at 27: Embracing Curiosity and Fun

Updated: Feb 7

Happy New Year! We’re already a month in but for me, it feels right to truly say Happy New Year because I recently celebrated a new year of life - turning 27 years old. It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and I've found myself reflecting a lot since. I reflected on past birthdays and how I celebrated in those years. I thought back to where I was in life and the people that surrounded me. And just like the New Year, my birthday's a benchmark for me to re-evaluate and reset.

A lot of people use the New Year to set goals and keep raising the bar of their personal or professional achievements. What’s commonly known as, “the Fresh-Start Effect,” it’s the energy and heightened motivation one gets when a new year rolls around, or a new setting, a new month, or even a Monday! I am in full Fresh-Start energy and wanted to share my reflections with you, hoping they might inspire you to do something exciting for yourself this year.

Reflecting on 2023

Looking back at this last year, there was a lot that happened that felt truly unpredictable. Job changes, career shifts, friendships lost and gained, and a big move! This year was when I chose to move out to the country and live in a 120+ year old house which, alone, was filled with unpredictability. It felt like right when I got up from something knocking me down, there was another punch around the corner. And as difficult as it felt and how tiring it was, this past year made me lean into trust and patience. Learning from that, I’m letting the universe guide me as I get more curious and explore my options.

Leaning into 2024

The year 2024, and the age 27 for me, is all about expanding and growing through curiosity and having fun. It’s hard to get curious and have fun when you’re taking yourself too seriously. And I tend to take myself too seriously often. I think we all do this at some point, in some aspect of our lives. Whether it’s at work, at school, with friends or family, we forget to have fun and get caught up in a cycle of performing and doing rather than feeling and being present. I encourage you throughout this year, or maybe just in the next couple of weeks, to feel into this energy.

What can you explore this year?

What can you become more curious about?

How can you have fun? Engage with your childlike self!

How can you let your guard down throughout this process of exploration and curiosity?

I know 27 is a young age but I feel like I’ve lived so many lives already. I graduated college, I traveled around the world and across the country, I found the love of my life, I put down roots, I built a business that continues to change and challenge me. I’m not wasting a single moment overthinking or perfecting this year. I’m giving myself permission to flow, move, breathe, and let my inner knowing show me the way.

Whether you are seeing the New Year as a reset or a fresh start or maybe you just need to prioritize yourself a little more - I hope you can have a little more fun this year.

Let yourself explore.

Let yourself let go of control.

Let yourself enjoy every moment.

Thank you for being here and allowing me to explore more of myself and this space every day. I wish you nothing but the most fulfilling 2024 - filled with love, joy, laughter, adventure, and expansion!

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